Welcome to Colorado Urban Homesteader!

I’m Deanna and I live in…you guessed it, COLORADO.  It’s just me, my husband, 4-year old daughter and our dog.  Since moving to Colorado, I have become very interested in the homesteading way of life.  I love the idea of living a more simple, self-reliant, ‘back to basics’, or ‘hippie’ way of life.

This is a blog of my adventures in turning from an average person/family, into one that focuses on self-sustaining, self-sufficiency and the ‘crunchy’ lifestyle.   I don’t claim to be an expert on anything ‘Urban Homestead-y’, but this is rather a blog of my ever-changing lifestyle and experiments (adventures) along they way..  There will be some funny moments, some great money saving ideas, and great inspiration for others looking to lead a similar lifestyle.

Welcome to my journey, subscribe to my blog to partake in all my learning adventures! 

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