Canning for a New Generation

My husband was so wonderful and picked up a canning book at our local second hand book store.  It is Canning for a New Generation; Bold, Fresh Flavors for the Modern Pantry by Liana Krissoff.

Book: Canning for a New Generation - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADER

It sounded like a cool book because it boasted about its 150 seasonal canning recipes, 50 recipes on what to make with your canned goods and 30 detachable gift labels.

I love how the recipes are sectioned out by season in which you will find the main ingredient.  For my first year canning, these recipes look a little too bold for me and my family.   Many of the more ‘basic’ recipes such as strawberry jam look very easy to make, BUT too bad our CSA is primarily a vegetable CSA with the exception of apples in the fall.  These recipes also use a large variety of ingredients, so it sounds like they will be great using up a bunch of produce.

There are a LOT of recipes that look new and I am sure will titillate your taste buds, so if you are interested in putting up a variety of fruits and vegetables this year, check out this book for great new recipes.  I, myself, will give many of these recipes a chance in the next year….after I ease into my first year of canning.  

Canning for a New Generation - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADER                  Canning for a New Generation - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADERCanning for a New Generation - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADER 



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