Create a Storage System For Your Canned Goods

Create a Storage System for Your Canned GoodsIf you are just starting into the world of canning or have been canning goods for a while, you will have to organize all your jars and equipment.  If you are newer to canning, it will feel like every canning season you have to organize and re-organize everything…..and that is because you do as your jars and equipment expand.   Here are ways to create a storage system for your canned goods in order to keep everything manageable and expandable.

Expandable Shelving

I am a big fan of the IKEA Ivar System shelving because it is modulCanning Storage System Includes Different Areas of Organizationar and I can keep adding or taking away shelves as needed.   The 11″ deep shelves are perfect for fitting 4 pint jars deep or 3 quart jars deep.  The Ivar shelving units can all be bought individually; the uprights on either side of the shelf and then the shelves.  If you have a corner, like I do, there are also corner units than easily add on to the traditional shelving units.  I use the larger corner shelves to store the larger items like: the pressure canner, water bath stock pot, fermentation crock, etc.

Dewey Decimal System

Okay, so the Dewey Decimal System doesn’t work for canned goods.  However, you should create a storage system for your canned goods  based on the type of … READ MORE...

Homemade Window Cleaner

One of the most popular homemade cleaning products is a window cleaner which is made of equal parts white vinegar and water.  This ‘recipe’ was probably used by your grandma and great-grandma before the invention of Windex.  

Why is it so popular?  

  • Only two ingredients
  • Doesn’t leave streaks on windows
  • EXTREMELY cheap!
  • Can be used on more than just windows

Save your old Windex spray bottle, wash it out  and fill it will equal parts white vinegar and tap water.  Viola! 

Are you worried about the vinegar smell?  Don’t fret!  Because the vinegar is cut with water, it is not as noticeable.  After a few minutes, the solution dries and the smell disappears with it too.  I promise after about 30 minutes, your house will NOT smell like a Fish N’ Chips restaurant.

Homemade Glass Cleaner with Vinegar & Water. COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADERWhere Can I Use the Homemade Window Cleaner?

  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Tile or Vinyl Flooring
  • Tabletops
  • TV screen
  • Kitchen Counters!  (Vinegar is a disinfectant and obviously safe to use around food.  Some where I read that if you spray vinegar and let it sit 5 minutes it kills 99 percent of bacteria, a bunch of mold spores and a bunch of viruses.)
  • Toilet Bowl (I just spray and give a little scrub and it is good as new)
  • Bathroom counters & sinks
  • Shower/Tub (I use it as a

Fire Bricks made of Recycled Paper

This holiday season, when someone asks you want you want, tell them you want a Paper Fire Brick Press.  What is it you ask?   It is a press that will take recycled paper materials and press them into a brick shape that you can use in your fireplace instead (or in addition to) firewood. 

Every household gets lots of junk mail, the occasional newspaper, cereal boxes, paper towel tubes, printer paper, scrap paper, etc.   Instead of recycling it, why not turn it into fire bricks to help heat your house?

How do you make a Paper Fire Brick?   You take any paper material Fire Bricks Made of Recycled Paper - Colorado Urban Homesteader(except magazines) and tear or shred them into 1/2″ wide strips.  Take those strips and place them in a bucket full of water and let sit for two days.  After the paper material has gotten mushy, take the pieces and place it into the brick press and squeeze out the excess water.  Let the brick dry for at least two weeks and use in the fireplace.  It’s that easy!  

If you live in the desert or if it is summer time, just leave them outside to dry.  But a tip if you live in snowy weather; place them on a cookie rack and place them over your heater vents and they will be dry in no time!… READ MORE...