Cooking Spray

When you finally run out of cooking spray, next question becomes, “how can I make it myself?”

Homemade Cooking Spray takes about 1 minute to make.  If you are really ambitious and know where your funnel and oils are, I bet you could time yourself and could get it down to 26 seconds flat.

Go to Target and get a small spray bottle, I found a fine mist spray bottle in the travel section that works great.  I prefer the smaller bottles so that the cooking spray always stays fresh.  I have to make a batch every 2 months or so.

Homemade Cooking Spray - Colorado Urban HomesteaderSuper easy to make:

* I fill the bottle 80% full of equal parts Olive Oil and Canola Oil (or Vegetable Oil). 

* Add add a little water, about 10% of the bottle. 

* Keep the last 10% of the bottle some air/space at the top of the bottle to allow room to shake.


I mix the Olive Oil and Canola Oil together because, Olive Oil by itself is too thick and Canola by itself needs a little extra flavor.   Adding water also helps to thin out the mixture so it is easier to spray (oil and water do like to separate, so just shake up the bottle each time you use it).

This is so dirt cheap …

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