Dandelion Wine

Are Dandelions taking over your yard?  Put those weeds to good use and make Dandelion Wine.

For years I have heard about Dandelion Wine and have wanted to make it. this year I finally attempted it and I was super impressed and glad I did!   Dandelion Wine is a sweet dessert wine, made with dandelion petals, lemons and oranges;  It tastes like summer in a glass.   It is a bit time consuming brewing the wine, but it is well worth the effort!  The recipe yield about 5 gallons of wine or about 24 wine bottles.

Dandelion Wine






(All this equipment can be purchased online or better yet, go visit your local homebrew store.  They are fun to visit and the people there are generally a wealth of knowledge.  In Colorado I love Quirky Homebrew and The Brew Hut

Step 1: Picking Dandelion FlowersCollecting Dandelion Flowers

Step 1 is, by far, the most easy and most enjoyable of the process.  Emily and I found a side ditch/canal where there were a … READ MORE...