Dyeing Easter Eggs on the Homestead

I think this will be our last Easter before we get backyard chickens (we plan on getting our first chickens later this year or next spring).

As I drove to the grocery store to pick up a dozen white eggs, bought them home to color with our 3 year old, it dawned on me….. what do other homesteaders do at Easter time?

Now at first it might sound like a silly question but this one questions begets more and more questions I have. Please comment on you experiences with Easter, as I would love to hear.Dyeing Easter Eggs - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADER

  • Do you have backyard chickens?
  • At Easter do you use your chicken’s eggs or do you go to the store to buy some?
  • If you use your backyard chicken eggs, how long does it take you to save and collect enough for Easter?
  • If you use your chicken’s eggs, what color do they lay?
  • Do you dye Easter eggs?
  • Does the color of your chicken’s eggs affect how it takes the dye?
  • Do you use store bought dye kits, use food coloring or make your own using vegetable dyes and natural products?

Before this year, it was easy.  Go to the store, buy eggs, dye them. Can you see why I was so intrigued by what other homesteaders do?  Especially other urban homesteaders.   Look forward … READ MORE...