Dehydrators & Banana Chips

For my birthday, my mom and husband each got me a dehydrator!   I couldn’t believe it!    

My mom got me the same kind as she has, the Excalibur Dehydrator with 5 drying racks.  It is a beefy, professional model that I have borrowed on occasion.  I love how fast it dry fruit leathers and Poblano peppers and that it has a timer that will shut off after the set time, but I am not crazy about how big and heavy it is. Nesco Dehydrator - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADER

My husband, chose the Nesco Dehydrator, also with 5 racks.  He also got me a few extra fruit leather sheets so I could make a bunch at a time.  I had never used this kind before, but after seeing what great reviews it got online, I figured I would return the one my mom gave me and stick with the Nesco.  So far I have liked it.  I can’t tell whether it dries items in the same amount of time or not compared to the Excalibur, but it is a lot lighter, smaller and more convenient to store when I am not using it.  I like that it can be expanded if I need more trays than 5, but I do wish it would have a timer.  It is significantly less expensive compared to the Excalibur, only time will tell if it will hold up as well as my mom’s has.

Banana Chips - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADERBananas have been on an okay sale lately, and they just sounded so good, so I picked up a bunch and dehydrated them to make some banana chips.    I just sliced the into 1/4″ slices and placed them on the drying racks and set the temp. to the fruit setting and let it run until they were dry.  When they are dry, they are still a little tacky or limp but are great when stored and taste fantastic.  I can’t remember how long the last batch took, I want to say about 12 hours.

I was eating some the other day, when a lady stopped me and asked if I had made them myself.  She was curious because my homemade banana chips are cream or white colored, but she noted that the ones she buys at the store are yellow.  We began to wonder if they add food coloring to the banana chips to make them appear yellow and therefore more tasty?  Does anyone know?   She also mentioned that the ones she buys are sweetened; I told her that I do not sweeten mine, that I think they are sweet as is.    I love knowing that my banana chips are just that….dried bananas and nothing more.

These are also a great snack for my toddler, she loves getting them in her snack at preschool.




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