Kombucha – Fermented Sweet Tea

Last winter my husband and I were driving around just exploring andMaking Kombucha - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADER we came across a winter farmer’s market in Longmont and decided to go see what was in a winter farmers market.  There were tons of handmade clothes and goodies, some produce and a kombucha vendor.  I initially walked right by the booth.  Luckily, my husband did stop and tried the flavors the Kombucha company was offering.

I had never heard of kombucha before, but the nice people from Happy Leaf Kombucha explained that Kombucha is, basically, a fermented sweet tea that is extremely healthy for you and beneficial to your digestive system.  It has many probiotics and cultures in it that help to support your gut, immune and digestive systems.  I was intrigued and tried their Lavender Cranberry variety.  My husband and I immediately loved the taste!   We got two bottles to take home!

After getting home, I researched Kombucha  and decided to try making it myself.  It is MUCH cheaper to make kombucha at home and I can be creative with the flavors!  My husband got me a book about Kombucha making (Kombucha Revolution) and there is a FANTASTIC Facebook group: Kombucha Nation, that is available for support, tips and good ‘recipes’. 

Kombucha Revolution Kombucha Revolution - COLROADO URBAN HOMESTEADER

Ball Jar for Making Fermented Sweet Tea

Below is a link to my method for making basic Kombucha.  During the second ferment is where you can get creative and add whatever flavors you wish.  Keep in mind, I may go a little overboard with sterilizing and cleaning my equipment, but I have never had a  problem with mold or other issues that people have faced.


  • Ready to Make Your First Batch of Kombucha?

    • Link to directions if you want to make your first batch of fermented sweet tea and you are staring from scratch (you will need to acquire or order a SCOBY ahead of time):
    • Make Your First Batch of Kombucha


  • Ready to Bottle your Kombucha and Start a Second Batch?

    • Link to directions if you have made a batch of kombucha and are ready to flavor your kombucha.  Also, directions for starting a second batch at the same time.
    • Bottling Kombucha & Next Batch





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