Fire Bricks made of Recycled Paper

This holiday season, when someone asks you want you want, tell them you want a Paper Fire Brick Press.  What is it you ask?   It is a press that will take recycled paper materials and press them into a brick shape that you can use in your fireplace instead (or in addition to) firewood. 

Every household gets lots of junk mail, the occasional newspaper, cereal boxes, paper towel tubes, printer paper, scrap paper, etc.   Instead of recycling it, why not turn it into fire bricks to help heat your house?

How do you make a Paper Fire Brick?   You take any paper material Fire Bricks Made of Recycled Paper - Colorado Urban Homesteader(except magazines) and tear or shred them into 1/2″ wide strips.  Take those strips and place them in a bucket full of water and let sit for two days.  After the paper material has gotten mushy, take the pieces and place it into the brick press and squeeze out the excess water.  Let the brick dry for at least two weeks and use in the fireplace.  It’s that easy!  

If you live in the desert or if it is summer time, just leave them outside to dry.  But a tip if you live in snowy weather; place them on a cookie rack and place them over your heater vents and they will be dry in no time!

Fire Bricks Made of Recycled Paper - Colorado Urban Homesteader






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