My Legs are Hairier Than My Husband’s

After battling with hairy legs, stubble, ingrown hairs, rashes, red spots, etc. all summer long, I have decided to grow out my hair for the winter.

To be honest, this didn’t start as a conscious decision. Fall crept in, pants became an everyday clothing item and since my legs couldn’t be seen, they became out-of-sight, out-of-mind. A few days of no shaving, turned in to a week of no shaving and then to three weeks.Hairy Legs - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADER

At about the three week mark was when I became quite impressed by how much hair I had grown. My legs were hairier than my husband’s! I came to the realization that I didn’t miss shaving, didn’t miss the razor burn, didn’t miss paying too much for razors and that is when I made the decision that I would stop shaving until Spring. 

Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring. I reevaluated my legs to determine if they will stay that way for the rest of time or if I will break out the razor.  I have decided that for the next few weeks it will still be pants weather, and so it is not yet time to shave.   I have actually come to like my legs,  the hair is soft and on the rare occasion that I venture outside in shorts, the breeze blowing through the hair is actually refreshing!  Hairy Legs - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADER

Not shaving for 6 months was a huge step in becoming more ‘crunchy’ or ‘natural’ or ‘crazy’ or ‘whatever you want to call it’.    I was extremely self-conscious about my legs during the first few weeks and months.  After a while, I realized that none of my friends even knew about how bonkers I had become or about the no-shave experiment.   A few times I mustered up enough courage to go get the mail in my shorts, thinking that the whole world would see me and judge me or be disgusted (turns out no one gets the mail at the same time as I do).    During the warm days in February, I Hairy Legs - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADERdonned my running shorts and went for a few runs around the local open space. I was so worried about what they would think of my hairy legs, but to my surprise no one noticed.  Not one person looked down at my legs, they just smiled and said hi as we ran past each other.   In the ladies locker room at the gym, I for sure thought someone would take notice as I changed into my gym clothes, or into my bathing suit, but nope.   Everyone is so self absorbed that no one noticed my legs, or if they did not one person said anything.    And why should they?  

Did you know that it has been less than 90 years ago that women started to shave their legs?  I was curious as to why it has become customary for women to shave and not for men, and when this started.   At first I was shocked to learn that it wasn’t until the 1930s that women started shaving their legs, but then it made sense.  We never read about pioneer women shaving in the 1800s.  Then with pictures of movie stars and pin-up girls posing with hairless legs, girls wanted to be just like the Hollywood stars.  There are tons of great articles on the internet and they make for a great night of reading and pondering. 

Now you may have a bunch of questions, so feel free to ask away.



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  1. I love that you are not shaving!! I went over 2 months this winter myself. But I had a PAP, and didn’t want to freak out my DR too much so i shaved for that. You are brave! I’d love to hear some of the responses you get if you keep up through summer!

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