Homemade Liquid Hand Soap

I have been nervous about this homesteading adventure; making my own hand soap.  Why?  Because of the smell!    No-no, not the smell while making it, but of how to infuse or get a nice smelling hand soap while making it at home.  

I have always liked going to my friends’ houses and they have the fancy Bath & Body Works hand soaps. They smell AMAZING, but I have to wonder what the fragrances are actually made out of.  Most fragrances are now conjured up in some science lab.  There is no way a pomegranate in real life smells as strong as the fragrance they put in their soaps!!  PLUS, I could never bring myself to pay that much for hand soap.   Make Hand Soap for $9 per Gallon - Colorado Urban Homesteader







Good news, Dr. Bronner’s makes a castille soap that is gently scented with natural ingredients, so the soap still smells good without being overpowering.  Check it out here for all their soaps Dr. Bronner’s Ingredients.

Homemade Hand Soap

Super simple to make and makes the house smell great too!   Grate the bar soap using the coarse side of the grater.  Put soap shavings into a large stockpot and add the gallon of water.  Slowly heat until shavings have melted, then remove from heat and stir in glycerine.  Allow to cool, then pour back into gallon jug to store.

After it cools over night, it will gel.  When transferring to a smaller vessel to use in the bathroom, fill it up most of the way and then add a splash of tap water and shake it up.  This will help thin it out a little and be able to be pumped into the hand.   I use the old Soft Soap containers with the labels taken off for my new soap, they work perfectly!

Cost Comparison:Make Hand Soap for $9 per Gallon - Colorado Urban Homesteader

  • Bath & Body Works: $6.50 per 8.75oz = $.74 per ounce
  • Soft Soap: $1.99 per 7.5oz. = $.27 per ounce
  • Homemade Hand Soap:  $9.08 per 128 oz = $.07 per ounce

The Breakdown:

  • 2 bars Dr. Bronners = $3.67 per 5 oz. bar = $.734 per ounce = $7.34
  • 1 Gallon Distilled Water = $.89 per 1 Gallon = $.0069 per ounce = $0.89
  • 4 Tablespoons Glycerin = $6.79 per 16oz = $.424 per ounce = $.85
    Total:  $9.08 per 128 oz. = $.07 per ounce




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