Living Without A Cell Phone and Love It!

Yes, you read the title correctly…I don’t have a cell phone and I love it!    I know you are asking, how do I do it?   Easy, just call up your cell phone provider and say you want to cancel your cell phone plan!    Okay, I know that isn’t what you meant…

Living Without A Cell Phone - Colorado Urban HomesteaderWhen I had our daughter, my husband and I decided that I would be a stay at home mom.  What did I need a cell phone for?  Most of the time I am home anyway, or just running quick errands around town or visiting local family.  When I am not doing that, I am with my husband (who does have a cell phone for work).  If I needed to reach anyone or if anyone needed to reach me, I could just use our land line.  We already had a home phone line (it was cheaper if we bundled internet and home phone, rather than just purchasing an internet plan from our provider).

I love NOT having a cell phone because:

  • It saves $50+ a month from not having a cell phone!
  • I don’t waste my time playing games or whatever else, and can spend more time with my daughter
  • I am actually forced to talk to people and be more social with the land line  (a weakness of mine)
  • I feel that I have a better sense of direction when driving because I have to pay attention to my surroundings and street names rather than relying on the phone to navigate me.
  • I feel less stress now that I am not instantly connected to everyone and everything.
  • I don’t have to remember to turn it off at the movie theater  🙂


Communication Options other than Cell Phones:

  • Traditional land line.  Many times if you bundle a land line with internet it actually lowers the cost of the internet.
  • Facebook Messenger.  I use this all the time to message people because it is free.  Some newer functions of Facebook include calling someone through messenger and sending video messages.
  • Skype.  We use Skype to video conference with family far away because it is free.

DLiving Without A Cell Phone - Colorado Urban Homesteaderid you know that after you cancel your cell phone, or let the contract run out and not renew it, you can still keep your smart phone and use it for it’s wi-fi access?   That is what I did with my old Android phone.  It works great and does everything except make phone calls while in a wi-fi area.  I can still reply to emails, pin things to Pinterest, check my bank accounts, check weather updates and play the occasional game or two. 




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