Make Your First Batch of Kombucha

I am super excited that you are here to Make Your First Batch of Kombucha, it is a great replacement for sodas, coffee and other energy drinks!   You can read about all the benefits in the link below, but for now, lets get down to the nitty gritty and start to make your first batch of Kombucha!

Intro to Kombucha and Recommendation for a Kombucha Book and Facebook Groups to Join: Fermented Sweet Tea – Kombucha

Before you make your first batch of kombucha, you will need to gather a few things.  Making Your First Batch of Kombucha


Each batch of Kombucha will be made in the 1-Gallon jar and will eventually yield three quart jars of flavored Bucha.  My steps include sanitizing EVERYTHING, this way I don’t develop and mold and don’t get any weird off flavors.  Other people may think it is a little overboard, but I think better safe than sorry.  You don’t want to go through all the work, to have to dump a batch down the drain because it got mold.


  • Make Sweetened Tea
    • Take a shallow pan, add some water to about 1 inch high (amount really doesn’t matter as long as it is less than 3/4 gallon), bring to a boil.  Remove from heat and add tea bags.  I like to use 3 bags of black tea and 3 bags of green tea.  Let tea bags steep for 5 minutes, then remove.  Add 1 cup sugar to pan and stir until dissolved.  Allow to cool to room temperature.
    • Making Kombucha - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADER  Add Sugar to Make a Sweet Tea
    • Open your SCOBY and place it in a bowl with the tea that it was transported with.
  • Sanitize Equipment
    • Rinse out the gallon bottle, use boiling water or just under boiling and pour it into the glass jar and swish around.  This will sanitize the large fermentation jar.  Dump out water.
    • Sanitize the Gallon Jar Sanitize All Equipement When Making Kombucha
  • Combine Ingredients into Gallon Jar
    • Pour the sweetened tea mixture into the large fermentation bottle.
    • Pour Sweet Tea into Gallon Jar
    • Add cool tap water and fill to about 6 inches below rim.
    • Add cool tap water to the Kombucha
    • Now add SCOBY from bowl and ALL of the fermented bucha that was on top of the SCOBY.  This will make sure your next batch has some of the cultures to start fermenting the next batch.  Then fill the jar up with more tap water until it is about 2 inches below the rim.  Cover with cloth (old tee shirts or PJ pants work great) & rubber band and VIOLA!  You are done, you have Made your First Batch of Kombucha
    •   Making Kombucha - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADER
  • Let it Sit
    • Let this new batch sit for about a week or two before checking to see if it is ready.  Once you determine that it is ready, click on the link at the bottom of this page and it will take you to the next step of bottling your bucha and starting a new batch. 


If this is your second time making Kombucha (meaning your first batch has already fermented and you are ready to continue to the 2nd ferment and making another batch) please follow this link for directions on advanced kombucha making:  Bottling Kombucha & Next Batch




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