Harvest Your own Popcorn on the Cob

Perhaps you grew popcorn this gardening season, or perhaps you got a few ears from a CSA (as was my case).  Either way, you have popcorn on the cob and don’t know what to do with it.   

First thing you do, is take all the ears of popcorn and throw them on the top shelf in a closet.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Fresh popcorn on the cob needs to dry before it can be processed and popped.  So leave your popcorn in the closet for 5 months to dry.  In March, you can pull down the basket process the kernels and throw them in the Air Popper to enjoy some fresh popcorn.  Fresh popcorn is noticeably lighter than other commercially bought popcorn and it tastes AMAZING!

I store all my popcorn in an old Orville Redenbacher 5 pound popcorn container.  5 pounds lasts our family about a year and a half!

How to Shuck Popcorn off the Cob: Popcorn on the Cob - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADER

  1. My method – take the cob in your hands, hold it parallel to the ground and twist hands in opposite directions (one hand toward your body and the other hand away from your body), the kernels will fall off.  The only flaw with my system is that we had a bunch to shuck and so I got blisters.
  2. Husband’s Method – use a butter knife and insert it lengthwise between the rows and then attempt to pry the whole row off at the same time.  Worked well and was much easier on the hands, but the kernels would fly everywhere.Husband's Method - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADER

We also laid down a huge sheet to collect all the kernels.  This was very handy in helping to contain the flakes that would also fall off from the cob.  To ‘clean’ the white flakes (sorry don’t know what that is referred to or the actual name) COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADERfrom all the loose kernels, we found the best method is to move all the kernels to one corner of the blanket and then move them to another corner.  The we could scoop up the top layer of ‘clean’ kernels and the continue this pattern to the next corner. My moving the kernels around, it would polish the kernels and knock off the white flakes. I just didn’t want any flakes to go into my air popper because they would fly out the minute we turned it on.   Although, I guess it would be kinda fun,  like popcorn confetti! 

I then would take them in batches and wash them in the sink, use a strainer to get just the kernels out and leave all the debris, then we dried them for a few days.  Every couple of days I would turn the kernels, just to make sure they all got dried.  After that i poured them into my popcorn container to use!   Yumm!!















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