How to Start Urban Homesteading

The best way to start Urban Homesteading, is to pick a few projects or items to make at a time… master those and then move on to the next.  Start with what inspires you.  Perhaps you are allergic to store bought soaps, then you will want to start by making your own soap.   Perhaps eating well is important to your health, then you may want to start making your own bread or learn to can vegetables.  Many urban homesteaders will start out by making their own cleaning products and then transition to making personal products, starting a garden and perhaps getting a few backyard chickens or bees; but this is no means how you have to start urban homesteading.  Again, Start with what inspires you!

Homesteading Levels

Throughout the website, you will see various diagrams of Homesteading Levels from 1-5 that represent the different levels of urban homesteading (they look like the one below).  These homesteading levels can guide you to your personal goals of homesteading, self-sufficiency and self-reliance.  Homesteading Level 1 is the easiest changes to start making in your everyday life, where Level 5 is the most drastic change to becoming an Urban Homesteader.

Variances of Urban Homesteading

If you live in an apartment or condo, Level 1-3 are perfect for you.  Levels 1-3 concentrate on easy life swaps to become more self-reliant, start making household cleaners & personal products, and even introduces you to canning.  If you are fortunate enough to live in a single family house you can most likely conquer all levels.   Levels 4 & 5 introduce larger gardens, and backyard husbandry (chicken & bee keeping).

Start Urban Homesteading

  • Click on one of the Homesteading Levels below
  • Start searching the website based on Category that inspires you