What is Urban Homesteading?

What is Homesteading?

Homesteading is the practice of living more self-sufficiently and simply.  Homesteading is decreasing your dependency on mass produced foods, goods, etc. and lessening your footprint.   Homesteading simultaneously increasing your skills and life situation so that you can depend on yourself for your needs and livelihood.  This can be achieved through food production & preservation, raising backyard livestock, making your own products and expanding your knowledge & application of traditional skills such as sewing, carpentry, etc.

When picturing a homestead, you probably think about a farm with goats, a milking cow, chickens running around….  A modest farmhouse with laundry drying on the line.  Perhaps you picture mother with an apron full of fresh picked veggies from her victory garden that is surrounded by a white picket fence.   Grandmother is teaching the oldest daughter how to make soaps from the wood ash, and Billy checking on his latest batch of moonshine (or homebrewed beer).  Perhaps the family takes a trip to town once a week/month to get any extra goods or to barter for something they can’t produce.  This is a homestead.  People relying on themselves, family and friends to create a living.

So what is Urban Homesteading?

Urban Homesteading is transforming your lifestyle on a smaller scale (normally a typical family living in an urban/suburban single-family home or apartment).  

  • Backyard Animals
    • Most people who live in the city, can’t raise cows or goats because of local laws.  But, perhaps chickens and bees are allowed in your backyard.
  • Crafting
    • People who urban homesteaders learn how to sew.  Sewing lessons are a great way to expand your skill set.  You can then learn how to make Halloween costumes or mend torn jeans. 
  • Food
    • Regardless of whether you live in an apartment or house, you can preserve food by canning or dehydrating.  
  • Gardening
    • Gardens can be raised beds in the backyard, to pots on a porch, to a few herbs growing in the kitchen.  Different gardens depending on your situation.

Smaller scale homesteading is what Urban Homesteading is all about; it decreases your dependency on others and increases the dependency on yourself…simplifying your life.

How can you start Urban Homesteading?

The best way to start Urban Homesteading is to pick a few small lifestyle changes that focus on being more self-sufficient and build from there.  Our page How to Start Urban Homesteading will walk you through the various levels of homesteading skills and will give you a great idea on how to start.