Super Sudsy Body Wash

Super Sudsy Body Wash - Colorado Urban HomesteaderI have been so excited to try out recipes for a homemade body wash, but sadly my first attempt was SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME that I didn’t even bother to try different ones.  It consists of 4 ingredients: Dr. Bronners Soap, Glycerine, Almond Oil & Vitamin E.

This body soap is really sudsy (from the glycerine).  I know bubbles don’t equal clean, but it does help give me the satisfaction of seeing the cleaning in action, and in turn I use less product. You can just as well halve the glycerine and still have a great body wash.

Super Sudsy Body Wash ‘Recipe’

Mix the following ingredients into a 15oz or larger bottle, shake to mix everything together.  Add a nickle-size dollop to a loofah and lather!

This body wash turned out to be fairly expensive (see cost comparison below), but since it is really moisturizing, I have not had to use a body moisturizer or lotion (this body wash has gotten rid of the need for it) and that has saved a bunch of money.

Super Sudsy Body Wash - Colorado Urban Homesteader  Super Sudsy Body Wash - Colorado Urban Homesteader Super Sudsy Body Wash - Colorado Urban Homesteader Super Sudsy Body Wash - Colorado Urban HomesteaderSuper Sudsy Body Wash - Colorado Urban Homesteader

Cost Comparison:

  • Softsoap Body Wash:   $.20 per ounce
  • Dove Body Wash: $.25 per ounce
  • Jason Body Wash:  $.32 per ounce
  • Homemade Body Wash:  $.57 per ounce
  • Shea Moisture Body Wash:  $.62 per ounce

The Breakdown

  • 1 1/4 cup Dr. Bronners: $16.29/32oz=        $.51 per ounce x 10oz=       $5.10
  • 2 Tbs. NOW Glycerine:  $6.79/16oz=          $.42 per ounce x 1oz=          $0.42
  • 1/2 cup NOW Almond Oil:  $8.39/16oz=    $.52 per ounce x 4oz=          $2.08
  • 1 Tbs. Jason Vitamin E:  $9.66/4oz=           $2.42 per ounce x .5oz=       $1.21
    Total:  $8.81 per 15.5oz. bottle  or $.57 per ounce





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