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Canning Inventory

A Canning inventory is very helpful in keeping track of all your canning jars, it details what type of canned goodie you have and how many are available.  Creating your own canning inventory is very quick and simple.

Canning Inventory - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADERIf you are like me, I keep all my canned goods down stairs in the unfinished basement since it is darker and cooler than upstairs.  Upstairs in my kitchen pantry is where I post my inventory checklist.  Having a canning inventory list is a great visual of what you have available and could give you inspiration for that night’s dinner!

Creating a Canning Inventory SheetCanning Inventory - COLORADO URBAN HOMESTEADER

Open a word document, and write the name of each different type of canned good on a separate line.  Then, to the right of the item, add a checkbox for every jar of that kind you have.    As you use a jar, just cross off a box.  

There is no need to notate the years of the jars, just the quantity.  You should have a system established so that you use the oldest jar first to keep everything in rotation; if you don’t have a system, check out my post:  Create a Storage System for your Canned Goods


Updating the Canning Inventory Sheet

Your inventory sheet should be updated at the end of October or early … READ MORE...